American Culture Update


Thanks a lot for booking the on line American Culture Update Certificate course with us.

The course will be available to you within the dates you have chosen. Whether you have selected the standard 5 week course, or the intensive 2 week course, if you do not have time to respond to a module immediately, do not worry.

The idea is that you work at your own pace. As long as we receive all your emails in response to the 10 assignments by the end of course date.


The course is managed by Colin Ellis.


There will be 10 modules. Each module will consist of:
  1. Colin providing you with a American Culture Update assignment to read, watch orlisten to, with 5 questions for you to answer. Check Module 1, 2, 3
  2. You responding, in an email, with the answers to the questions. You are also welcome to post your questions and comments and interact with Coin.
  3. Colin sending you comments on your answers and the topic discussed.
So, basically, by by the end of course date, we will expect 10 emails from you.


Once you have completed all the assignments we will issue a American Culture Update Course Certificate for you and email it to you as a PDF file. We will swap a certificate for your honest opinion on the course. Please complete the certificate request form at and tell us what you think.


Then, you’re welcome to enrol for another American Culture Update course and receive another 10 modules with entirely new assignments. Or you can enrol for a completely different course. Or enjoy life and forget about us.


If you need an invoice, please contact us at within 14 days from the course start date. The invoice will be sent to you electronically.


If you decide you do not like the course, we will give you your money back. Easy.
Good luck and enjoy the course.

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